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1. How can I create an account at Aenaos SA?

On the home page, you click on registration, fill in the necessary information requested. An email will then be sent to your email address to confirm your registration.

2. How can I order equipment from Aenaos SA?

Browse the Aenaos online store, find the product you need, select the quantity you want to buy and press the ΄Buy it΄ button. Follow the steps to complete your order.

3. I forgot my password. What can I do;

Fill in the email you have registered and you will soon receive a link in an email that will take you to the page to register a new code

4. How can I receive the products?

We have 3 ways to ship our products. You can either pick up your order from our store, or we can send it with a transport company or courier. For more information check the shipping methods.

5. Do the listed prices include VAT?

The prices displayed in the online store of Aenaos S.A. include VAT.

6. How much does it cost to transport the products?

When completing your order, the shipping cost is calculated, depending on the shipping method you have chosen.

7. How can I cancel my order?

Send us an email with the subject of cancellation and your order number and contact the technical support of Aenaos S.A. Please check the "Returns Policy" section for more information and terms of returns.

8. Until when is my order reserved?

Your order is not considered finalized and consequently the products contained in it are not bound, if your payment to the account of Aenaos S.A. has not been confirmed.

9. How can I order a product that is on order?

In exactly the same way as you order available products, provided that you pre-pay the amount indicated on the order so that it is finalized.

10. How can I see if my order has been shipped?

Once your order has been shipped, you will automatically receive an email with the details of the courier or transportation company (depending on your choice during the ordering phase) that your order has been shipped with. In any case and at any time you can check the status of your order, from the control panel in the e-commerce application of the Aenaos online store. If during your order you choose courier shipping as the shipping method, you will be sent the voucher number of your shipment along with the confirmation email. You can at any time enter the voucher number in the special box you will find on all pages of the online store and check the stage at which your order is.

11. How can I check the availability of the products?

The online store of Aenaos S.A. provides online stock update. The quantities listed on the website are real. In case a product is not immediately available, the date of availability is indicated. Please check the terms of use for more information.

12. Are there certificates for the materials?

Almost all the products that you will find in the online store of Aenaos S.A. it is accompanied by installation, use and operation manuals, technical brochures and certificates which you will find in the "downloads" area of each product.

In case you do not find certificates or need additional certificates for a product, please contact the technical support of Aenaos S.A.