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Payment Methods

1.  Deposit - Bank transfer

You can pay for your order by depositing the amount to the following Aenaos SA bank accounts:

·  NATIONAL BANK 213/470961-62

IBAN GR90 0110 2130 0000 2134 7096 162

·  ALPHA BANK 739002002001325

IBAN GR90 0140 7390 7390 0200 2001 325

·  EUROBANK 0026.0030.91.0201150184

IBAN GR080 2600 3 00000 910 201150 184

Please enter your order number during checkout.

Possible transaction cost from your bankis borne entirely by you and must be included in the amount of your deposit. As long as the deposit is made by the same bank, the payment is automatically confirmed and your order is immediately forwarded for execution. If the deposit is made by a bank other than the above, the deposit will be delayed in appearing on the account of Aenaos S.A. In this case, to avoid delays, please send a copy of the proof of deposit either to fax 2310685254, or by email to and your order will be forwarded for immediate execution as well. The costs of remittances from another bank are borne by the customer.

In the user control panel in our online store, you can at any time be informed about the progress of your order and of course you can contact Aenaos S.A. at any time for any question.

It should be noted that according to the latest applicable tax legislation, purchases worth more than €500 must be paid through bank.

2.   Cash on delivery

The payment method by cash on delivery is only valid for shipping by courier and can only be selected for orders with a value of less than 100 euros and if you have chosen the shipping method by courier. Payment by cash on delivery entails an additional charge of €3.16 on the cost of your order. Cash on delivery is NOT valid for products with free shipping. The payment method by cash on delivery is NOT valid for products that are made to order (products with a delivery time of more than 3 days).

If you wish to pay by cash on delivery, please contact Aenaos before completing your order.

3. Cash in store

Payment upon receipt of your order in store for orders worth up to €500 (according to the latest legislation). If you wish to receive the products from our store, select "store pickup" as a payment method during your order. For "made to order" products, an advance payment is required. In this case, the agreed amount of the advance should be deposited in one of the bank accounts of Aenaos S.A. (or from the store if you wish as well) to forward your order for execution.

4.Via Pay-Pal Service

Aenaos S.A. enables you to pay through the internationally recognized pay-pal online payment service. The paypal service is an online money sending service with 100% security. It allows its users to make online purchases without sharing their personal data with the seller. The online store of Aenaos S.A. fully supports the service and your paypal payment is automatically confirmed. If you don't have an account, you can get one from the official pay-pal website, If you have a paypal account and want to use it to pay for your order, when you complete it, select pay via Paypal (PAY NOW). With this option, you are taken to Paypal's online transaction system where you can pay with your credit card through your PayPal account. Follow the instructions and select PAY NOW to complete the process. Aenaos does not come into any contact with your card data. All information is entered into pay-pal's secure system and Aenaos does not collect your information or store it in any way. Payment via Paypal is valid for orders with a total value of up to €2,500. Payment via paypal incurs an additional charge of 1.5% on the total amount of the order.

Note: Advance payment is not possible with paypal and therefore cannot be used to pay advance for COD delivery.

5. Via Credit card

The online store of Aenaos S.A. accepts credit cards for transactions of up to 2,500 euros. For greater security, your card details are entered directly on the website of Eurobank. Our online store does not come into any contact with your card details, nor does it collect or otherwise store your card data. Your transactions in our online store are protected by Eurobank's most advanced high-encryption online security systems, which guarantee a completely secure transaction environment. Data transfer is done with 128-bit encoding.

Credit card transactions incur an additional charge of 1% on the amount of the order.