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Solar boiler heater 200lt with solar lamps Sonnentech SL200

Manufacturer: ΑΕΝΑΟΣ Α.Ε.
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Super-Hi Efficiency solar boiler heater with 15 solar lamps double glass with vacum, that can resist 25mm Heistone!
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Sonnentech SL200 solar boiler with 15 vacum solar lamps, designed by Aenaos for proper operation in every environmental conditions, from severe cold with low sunshine up to excess solar radiation in the summer.

The boiler is manufactured 100% in Greece and is accompanied with all necessary certifications. The boiler's special design allows use

German design solar vacum lamps.  Their special design allows them to resist to an incredibly high level of 25mm heilstone.

Their internal special coating of AL-N/AL ensures maximum absorbtion, while the vacum ensures minimum energy loses.

Area of application

  • In domestic hot water heating and storage
  • Suitable both for houses and small or middle hotel facilities.
  • For installation to flat roofs.

Sonnentech - hot water tank solar heater

Technical data

  • An electrical resistance can also be installed Manufactured in accordance with EN 12976,
  • made from sheets complying with EN 10130 Al 1998 DCP
  • Up to 3 energy sources can be used for water heating. (Solar energy, boiler, electricity).
  • Insulation made of CFC Free polyurethane 53 Kg/m³
  • 50mm insulation thickness.
  • Internal liquid enamel coating heated to 850 °C in accordance with DIN 4753
  • Extra ø22Χ400 magnesium anode anticorrosion protection in accordance to DIN15438-2.2
  • Testing pressure:  16 bar
  • Operation pressure: 10 bar.
  • External cover with sprayed painted steel sheet.
  • 15 evacuated solar tubes.
  • Manufactured to work in all European climates, from severe cold with little sunshine up to the high Greek temperatures during the summer.
  • Special design for 100% performance even in areas with high water hardness and high salt creep.


  • Antibacterial design for heating drinking water.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Immediate hot water supply
  • Easy installation
  • Compact dimensions
  • 5 year factory warranty
  • Long life

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