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Solar heater Sonnentech S150 with selective titaniuum painted collector 2m2

Manufacturer: Helional
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Solar heater Sonnentech S150 with 5 years manufacturer warranty.
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High efficiency solar collector 2m2 (1x2m) painted with selective titanium paint.

  • High efficiency collector TINOX surface
  • Anodized aluminum profile casing 8,5mm
  • Side insulation from glass fibre - film coated insulation matress
  • Back insulation from 20mm rock wool insulation material 50kg/m3
  • Back cover from aluminum sheet 0,5mm
  • Non breaking securit glass 3mm
  • Ten years limited warranty.

Boiler Glass

  • Manufactured according to EN 12976
  • DKP steel sheets according to EN 10130 AΙ 1998
  • Welded in automated robotics welding machines in tri-gas conditions according to DIN440 G3Si1
  • Ecological polyourethane 53kg/m³  - 50mm thickness insulation
  • Anti-corrosive protection with liquid glass 850οC according to DIN4753
  • Magnesium anode according to DIN12438-2.2
  • Inox electrical heater to avoid electrolysis inside the boiler.
  • Outer cover from galvanized metal sheet, electrostaticaly painted without welding, durable even near sea

Mounting Base

  • Hot galvanized high durability steel.
  • Powerful construction
  • Easy installation.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Extra long life in any conditions.


  • Immediate and steady hot water flow
  • Antibacterial design.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easy installation.
  • Small footprint
  • 5 year warranty

(further information can be found in the downloads section documents).